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Hey everyone! check out this new magazine made by the BARRAGE crew! it features art from a hand full people including a portion of GLOW's chapter 1! you'll see other comics, photos and many other images. it's 100% free just put down $0 for the amount you wish to pay, and you're on your way!Barrage magazine cover by SMALL-TOWN-HEROES

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Will Fyfe and Geoff Lake
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
SMALL TOWN HEROES are artists and authors:
Will Fyfe :iconfyfemasterflexii:, the man with the magic hands and
Geoff Lake :iconstaticguru:, the Prince of Perverts.

They're just two guys from a small town who love anime/manga, cute girls,
intense battles, and a good slice of pizza.

Currently, they have almost two titles in the works: GLOW and the forever-in-the-making PRINCESS BOX.


GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

SYNOPSIS: In the once lush country of Everin, there is a legend of eight magical weapons known as "GAUNTLETS" that, once collected, promises something miraculous will happen. These Gauntlets can be harnessed as powerful weapons and because of this they are highly sought after by government factions, the numerous Gangs that roam the country, and anyone seeking true, raw power.

Elle Blaizdale, a happy-go-lucky young girl, and her closest friends, Noel and Chris, also search endlessly for the legendary Gauntlets, following their dreams to one day restore glowing smiles to the world by their own means -- doing whatever it takes to keep a promise they made long ago.

[this project is released on the 1st of every month.]
[currently, 2 chapters has been released.]



GENRE: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural.

SYNOPSIS: When average guy Jessie takes over his grandfather's antique shop in the small and boring town of Atlantic Heights, he finds a mysterious chest in the attic that, when opened, summons princesses from another dimension! Having to deal with other-worldly women and running a small business, all while trying to figure a way to send the royalty back from whence they came makes Jessie's once boring life into anything but average.

[this project is released every Thursday night.]
[currently, no pages have been released.]



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Hey GLOW Fans, :iconstaticguru: (Geoff, writer and editor of GLOW) here.

I'm chiming in today for a few reasons, but the big one being that the SMALL TOWN HEROES page has finally hit 15,000 views!

While that's nothing super special, we here at SMT are pretty pumped and want to show our thanks with an impromptu Fan Appreciation post. Of course, Will and I will be sketching up something as thanks for sticking with us (expect some fan service from yours truly, hehe) so keep a look out for that but we also want to truly thank all the fans who took the time to draw something for GLOW by showcasing a handful of them here for all to see. And by association, hopefully you will also check their pages and give 'em the attention they all deserve!

Before all that, however, I'll get some of the news-like updates outta the way for those who like to stay current with us.

For starters, we here at SMT will be joining a webcomic/online manga community called Inkblazerz ( where plenty of authors submit their works and if you are asked to be Premium, you are ranked like an actual comic ring, a la Shuiesha/Shounen Jump, and higher ranked authors are supported even further straight from the funds the site itself makes from traffic and memberships, etc. The premium authors are also given money or merchandise of YOUR comic from a pool the site dedicates strictly to its highest ranking authors. I mean, who doesn't dream of being paid for doing what they love? I'm sure it's not enough to live off or anything, but even if it just pays for future merchandise and physical books, that's more than enough.

Long story short, we are humbly asking you handful of dedicated followers, and any other kind readers, to perhaps make an account on the site when GLOW begins releasing there and read it there/like it there/follow it there as well so the traffic we begin to intake may get us noticed on Inkblazerz. We will not be stopping releases here on devArt, and in fact will be simultaneously releasing on both for a while, but that MAY change in the future if it comes down to the site's rules or impact on our traffic. Heck, if you guys support us equally on both sites, simultaneous releases may not be a problem; I don't know for sure, I haven't fully read rules for Premium Ranked Authors there.

Either way, we'll post links and other information when the time comes but we just wanted to give our fans the heads up. Now, how about we go back to appreciating you guys for all the awesome stuff you've done for GLOW.

First up, as a bonus appreciation, I am happy to share the WINNER of the 1st GLOW Character Cameo Contest that was held last month over at our Fan Club: (There are many of GLOW OCs entered for those who'd like to see!)
CASSIS by the wonderful :iconellijenzi:
For the GLOW contest by ellijenzi

Next are a handful from one of our longest fans, a fantastic artist, and good friend: :iconnsio:
GLOW Elle Appreciation by NsioGlOW Noel Appreciation by NsioGLOW Chris Appreciation by NsioNorway trip with Elle Surprise by Nsio

Now for some appreciation to the NEWEST fan art, inspired by the new chapters, from a long time fan and friend: :iconsarawr-kun:
Awww shit yeh son by Sarawr-kun

Now for a very season-appropriate deviation from the always lovely, long time friend and often collaborator with mad art skillz: :iconhoneysan:
A Summer of Love by Honeysan Glow - Color Spread by Honeysan

Here's a few from fan :iconziecoco:
Glow Noel by Ziecoco Elle by Ziecoco

This is an ACTUAL, physical clay sculpture made by :iconmiki-: that we have in our apartment! So cool!
Elle GLOW Sculpture by SailorUsagiChan

One of our dearest fans, :iconjessica-chwan01:, drew these up for us!
The GLOW Gang by Jessica-chwan01 Tassilo fan art by Jessica-chwan01

A stunning rendition of our favorite heroine by :icontashachan:
Commission - Elle by TashaChan

Some super colorful pieces from artist: :iconmarimokun:
What a Day by Marimokun All Over the Place by Marimokun

:iconsonpauten: may have the drawn first image of GLOW, the anime!
GLOW - Elle by sonPauten

A cute, little commission from :iconjubalew:
Elle by jubalew

A sweet commission from :iconsolemnwishmaster:
PointComm_Glow in Wonderland! by SolemnWishMaster

And here's a couple of the many pieces from Willie's fiance: :iconsailorusagichan:
Playboy Noel by SailorUsagiChan Princess Elle by SailorUsagiChan

Again, thank you for all of your support and I hope you continue to read GLOW as it is released. Chapter 3 will be out on time, July 1st, and additional tidbits will be appearing here and there. GLOW's adventure is just beginning and you won't be disappointed with what we have in store... you can bet on it :iconicameplz:

Thanks for your support! Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or feedback!
Will Fyfe                  Geoff Lake
:iconfyfemasterflexii:                    :iconstaticguru:
:iconflexplz:                    :iconnuderunplz:

SMALL TOWN HEROES :iconsmall-town-heroes:

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TashaChan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconrubcheeksplz: Thank you so much for :+fav: :la:
SMALL-TOWN-HEROES Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome :)
daeesoo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Photographer
Absolutely incredible! You inspire me. Your works are wonderful, lovely, and just a pleasure to watch. Im a big fan of your design. I would probably share a wonderful song to you to return the favour. [link]
SMALL-TOWN-HEROES Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks for that! That's awesome that we inspire you! :) hopefully you'll find time to read it! (p.s. Chapters 1- 2 will be redone, same thing but better quality :) )
vicse Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hot damn you just got objective alpha! (BFBC2 reference right thar) sooo I still have that fan art i said I was gunna make.....but I hate ima re do I dont wana put Elle to shame so ima make it again xD
SMALL-TOWN-HEROES Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sounds good, man :) what ever you gotta do to bring out the epicness!
vicse Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea I have been so distracted with....Ponies....ik you may be thinking wtf NOOOOO but its true....i draw them ALOT now...xD....but i need to practice my Anime style again just to keep in shape and what not so Elle will be a great excuse to keep it fresh in my mind lol
SMALL-TOWN-HEROES Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a few friends that are into ponies, I think the show can be funny at times. But it's not my cup of tea I guess haha

Elle is absolutely a good excuse to draw anime style again xD
I've been pretty busy too re doing some things, hopefully I can get back to posting stuff soon. :)
(1 Reply)
zell381 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
hey, you probably wont remember me AT ALL now, but you commented on my work way back in 2004! i thought i'd let you know i really appreciated the feedback and thought i'd shoot some back at you. great improvement! planning and drawing out panels for manga ain't a walk in the park, so big props to you. continue to hone your skills and keep up the good work!
SMALL-TOWN-HEROES Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
2004?! you must be referring to another site i once had xD

but no prob, and thanks :)
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